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Midnight Voyage

Joey Calderazzo

as played by Michael Brecker in Tales From The Hudson

Charts in C, Bb or Eb

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Another wonderful album from Michael Brecker:


Here is what the creator of iGigBook says about his application:

"iGigBookTM is the PDF sheet music manager you need for your individual sheets of music, music scores, chord charts, lyric charts, fake books and real books.

iGigBook features a powerful search engine that uses indexes of popular fake books and real books, so that you can find songs in your music collection by title or composer in seconds.

iGigBook includes the most comprehensive set list manager available complete with advanced export features that enables you to share your set lists with fellow musicians.

iGigBook is the perfect jam session tool and the only app available that allows you to find in seconds that needle in a haystack tune buried deep inside your musical collection.

When it comes to organization, iGigBook has no equal. It works just like some of the powerful search engines that you've used for finding stuff on the web. Start typing in the name of a song and results from over 40 books appear so that you can choose the best arrangement that you have available. Other apps claim to have the best organization system but none can allow you to find, in seconds, all versions of "Autumn Leaves" that you may have.

Take a look at the features:

  • Advanced Book Indexing System - iGigBook has over 60 popular Jazz Fake Books and Real Books indexed for you and ready to go, just add your book and find what you need in seconds.
  • Organize Individual Scores - No books, no problem, our convenient "My Scores" section allows you to easily search for all of your un-indexed scores.
  • Song Title Search - Find the song you want in seconds, no matter which of your books it's located in!
  • Composer Search - Find all of the tunes by Antonio Carlos Jobim or any other composer.
  • Multi Book Search - iGigBook finds all of the songs in all of the books so that you can pick the best representation and arrangement that you have.
  • Set List Manager - Create sets, arrange items in set, add or remove items from the set.
  • Set List Viewer - Display items in your set to quickly access what you will perform.
  • Set List Notes - Indicate gig details, performance notes, band member info, directions and more.
  • Intelligent Score Navigation - Set where the repeats, D.S., D.C., and Codas are and iGigBook does the jumping for you.
  • Share Set Lists - Email Set List to band members.
  • PDF Book Builder - Create a custom GigBook from items in your Set List.
  • Import PDF Table of Contents - iGigBook can import the table of contents of any PDF and autonatically create bookmarks for you.
  • Manual Bookmarks - Easily book mark any page or group of pages in a larger score and place that item in a set list.
  • True Full Page Display - No menu bars, footers, status bars, just the sheet music.
  • Zoom level lock - Pinch zoom to make it big and sharp, then lock it down for all subsequent pages.
  • Import From Web/Email - iGigBook allows you to add and remove content to and from your device without using iTunes.
  • Turn Pages Wirelessly/Hands Free - Use our free iGigBook Pager App to turn pages on your iPad using an iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • External Monitor Support - View two pages side by side using an external monitor.
  • Presentation Support - Wireless page control and external monitor support turns your iPad into a presentation system.

* iGigBook does not provide any PDF content, you the user must provide your own PDF content.

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